Editorial Standards and Policies

The McKinley Park News reports on the McKinley Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, through publishing news and event information related to the residents, institutions, enterprises and current events of the neighborhood. Our coverage area includes the officially designated McKinley Park community area of Chicago, plus the bordering Central Manufacturing District along the south side of Pershing Road. All content we publish is explicitly related to our geographic coverage area.

The McKinley Park News serves its readers through adhering to the highest journalistic standards and longest-lived traditions, including foremost a dedication to truthfully and accurately relating news, events, stories and issues. Throughout, we remain sensitive to context, presentation and the innate, intractable biases that every individual who reports the news must transcend.

News and Opinion/Editorial Content

All news articles published on the McKinley Park News represent the vetted editorial content of this publication, originated here and published after progressing through our editorial process. Authors of news articles may have their bylines listed, with links to their bios and their roles correctly assumed as sanctioned reporters for the publication providing accurate, in-context and balanced coverage.

The McKinley Park News may also occasionally publish editorials or columns containing the opinions of the author, in which case both the author and the fact that the content contains opinion are clearly identified.

Hyperlinks within News Content

As a service to its readers, the McKinley Park News will place hyperlinks in news articles at the first occurrence of institutions, entities, individuals and programs that offer a canonical online destination representing the linked subject. For instance, when we first refer to the McKinley Park Advisory Council in news writing, we’ll link the group’s title to the Council’s page on Facebook.com, which is the group’s primary online destination where readers can find more information.

All such linked sites will appear in a new browser window displaying the design and content of the outside websites, which have no direct relationship with the McKinley Park News or its publishing operations. Readers should understand that these are links to outside websites provided solely for reference and convenience, that the sites’ contents are wholly separate from the McKinley Park News, and that the McKinley Park News makes no representations as to linked sites’ accuracy, efficacy or usability.

The McKinley Park News neither solicits nor receives any type of payment, promotion or remuneration for hyperlinks within news content, nor does the presence or absence of an in-news hyperlink constitute endorsement or disapproval regarding the subject. These in-content hyperlinks are published solely as a service to our readers.

Corrections and Retractions

The McKinley Park News strives to always publish information that is factually correct. In the event we discover an inaccuracy in news content, we take appropriate action at our sole discretion and according to the nature of the fallacy. This may include editing existing content, removing or replacing existing content, adding additional content and posting notices of changes to content due to correction or retraction.

User-Provided Content

The McKinley Park News website offers memberships whereby users may sign up to receive a login to the website and then engage with the site’s interactive features, including authoring content in profiles, comments and other site areas. All user content areas and features are labeled and distinct from published news content, and website readers should understand this content originates from users, not the McKinley Park News.

Although the McKinley Park News reserves a right to edit or remove any user-provided content we deem in our sole discretion to violate our Terms of Service, we do not monitor user-provided content and make no representations about its accuracy, fairness, context or suitability for publication.

Sponsorships and Sponsor-Provided Content

The McKinley Park News uses sponsorships to offset the costs of publishing and to provide revenue for the publication. Sponsors are entities that pay the McKinley Park News an annual sponsorship fee and also have the opportunity to engage in paid advertising campaigns that appear in the publication.

Active sponsors may be listed or appear in interfaces in non-news sections of the website, for instance, the “Neighborhood Favorites” area of user profiles. In addition, sponsor-provided content may receive specific highlighting in certain ways, for example, sponsor-provided event listings and calendar items. Also, sponsors may be included in lists of McKinley Park News sponsors or be referenced in updates and press releases about the McKinley Park News.

The sponsorship program at the McKinley Park News is separate from news publishing activities, and decisions about news topics, coverage and presentation remain isolated from sponsors and their influences. In particular, the McKinley Park News does not publish “advertorial” content, or advertiser content that is disguised to appear as news content. Likewise, the McKinley Park News does not offer special considerations for news coverage to sponsors, automatically publish sponsor-provided news releases and promotions, or engage sponsors in authoring news content.